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"Australian Foreign Policy: The Economic Dimensions" lecture – August 6 2010

Delivered for Social Education Victoria


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"Leaving Afghanistan" lecture – October 8 2009


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"Global Financial Crisis" lecture – March 27 2009


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"Globalisation: an introduction" lecture – February 27 2009


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"Terrorism" lecture - May 24 2007


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"Australian Foreign Policy" lecture - September 10 2006


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suggested sources for more information

There are not very many books on Australian foreign policy and even fewer good ones.

On the process of foreign policy making, Mark Latham, The Latham Diaries (Melbourne University Press, Melbourne 2005) is funny, idiosyncratic and informative, particularly about what happens if you dare to challenge the US alliance. A more anodyne and formal account of the policy-making process can be found in Allan Gyngell & Michael Wesley, Making Australian Foreign Policy (Cambridge University Press, Melbourne 2003).

There are several books on the US alliance, the better ones include Bruce Grant, Fatal Attraction (Black Inc, Melbourne 2004), Robert Garran, True Believer (Allen & Unwin; Crows Nest 2004), and Owen Harries, Benign or Imperial? (ABC Books, Sydney 2004). A less credible contribution is Greg Sheridan, The Partnership (New South Press, Sydney 2006).

On East Timor, Clinton Fernandes, Reluctant Saviour (Scribe; Melbourne 2004) is recommended. On Iraq, Geoffrey Barker, Sexing it Up (UNSW Press, Sydney 2003), Raymond Gaita (ed), Why The War Was Wrong (Text; Melbourne 2003) and Alison Broinowski, Howard's War (Scribe, Melbourne 2004) are useful. On the US FTA, Ann Capling, All the Way with the USA (UNSW Press, Sydney 2005) is recommended.

The Oxford University Press series edited by James Cotton and John Ravenhill has produced The National Interest in a Global Era: Australia in World Affairs 1996-2000 (OUP, Melbourne 2001) and soon Trading on Alliance Security 2001-2005 (OUP, Melbourne forthcoming). The Australian Journal of International Affairs is also worth consulting.


VCE "Globalisation" lecture - June 11 2006


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suggested sources for more information


Financial Times -
(easily the best newspaper in the world)



Director: Alex Gibney, Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room (US - 2005).
(compelling expose of US corporate chicanery)

Directors: Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott, The Corporation (US - 2004).
(excellent history and commentary on corporate entities)



Karl Polanyi, The Great Transformation (Beacon; Boston 1957).
(essential historical orientation)


Summaries of Globalisation

Chris Brown & Kirsten Ainley, Understanding International Relations (3rd ed Palgrave Macmillan; London 2005), chs. 8 & 9.
(locates globalisation in the study of international relations)

Doug Henwood, After the New Economy (Scribe; Carlton 2003), ch.4.
(excellent balanced commentary from an informed business observer)

Michael Mann, Incoherent Empire (Verso; London 2003). ch.2.

Stanley Hoffmann, 'Clash of globalizations', Foreign Affairs, 81 (4), 2002: pp. 104-115.

Gabriel Kolko, After Socialism: Reconstructing Critical Social Thought (Routledge; New York 2006), chs. 5 & 6.
(brilliant analysis of contemporary capitalism)

John Kay, The Truth About Markets: Their Genius, their Limits, their Follies (Allen Lane; London 2003).
(sympathetic but insightful commentary)


Debating Globalisation - Enthusiasts

Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree (HarperCollins; London 2000).

Thomas Friedman, The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century (2nd ed. Farrar, Straus and Giroux; New York 2006).

Kenichi Ohmae, The End of the Nation State (Free Press; New York 1995).

Jagdish Bhagwati, In Defence of Globalization (OUP; Oxford 2004).


Debating Globalisation - Sceptics & Critics

David Harvey, A Brief History of Neoliberalism (OUP; Oxford 2005).

K. N. Waltz, 'Globalization and American Power', The National Interest, Spring 2000.

William Greider, One World, Ready or Not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism (Simon & Schuster; New York 1997).

Hans-Peter Martin & Harald Schumann, The Global Trap (Pluto; Sydney 1997).

Edward Luttwak, Turbo-Capitalism: Winners and Losers in the Global Economy (HarperCollins; New York 1998).

Noam Chomsky, Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and the Global Order (Seven Stories; New York 1999).

S. Strange, Mad Money: When Markets Outgrow Governments (Uni of Michigan; 1998).

Will Hutton & Anthony Giddens (eds), On The Edge: Living With Global Capitalism (Jonathan Cape; London 2000).

John Gray, False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism (Granta; London 1998).

A. Giddens, Runaway World: How Globalization Is Reshaping Our Lives (Profile; London 1999).

Eric Hobsbawm, The New Century (Abacus; London 2000).

Susan Strange, The Retreat of the State (Cambridge Uni Press; Cambridge 1996).

Paul Hirst & G. Thompson, Globalization in Question (3rd ed, Polity; Cambridge 2006).
(exposes the mythology of globalisation)

Joseph Stiglitz, Globalization and its Discontents (Penguin; London 2003).

Richard J. Barnet & John Cavanagh, Global Dreams: Imperial Corporations and the New World Order (Simon & Schuster; New York 1994).



Millennium, The Globalization of Liberalism - Special Issue (24), 1995.

Millennium, Seatle December 1999 (29), 2000.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has a useful website with related information:



Robert Gilpin & Jean M. Gilpin, The Challenge of Global Capitalism: The World Economy in the 21 st Century (Princeton Uni Press; Princeton 2000).

Robert Gilpin, Global Political Economy (Princeton Uni Press; Princeton 2001).
(highly recommended)

Jan Aart Scholte, Globalization: A Critical Introduction (2nd ed Palgrave Macmillan; London 2005).

Frank J. Lechner & John Boli (eds), The Globalization Reader (Blackwell; Oxford 2000).

John Ravenhill (ed), Global Political Economy (OUP; Oxford 2005).

David Held, Anthony McGrew, David Goldblatt & Jonathan Perraton, Global Transformations (Polity Press; Cambridge 1999).

David Held & Anthony McGrew, The Global Transformations Reader (Polity Press; Cambridge 2000).

S. Smith & J. Baylis, 'Introduction' & A. McGrew, 'Globalisation & global politics' in J. Baylis & S. Smith (eds), The Globalisation of World Politics (3rd ed. OUP 2005).

David Held (ed), A Globalizing World? Culture, Economics, Politics (Routledge; London 2001).
(excellent introductory and accessible summary of the issues)

D Held & A McGrew, Globalization/Anti-Globalization, (Cambridge; Polity 2002).

Charles W. Kegley Jr. & Gregory A. Raymond, The Global Future (Thompson-Wadsworth; Belmont 2005), ch.11.

Robert J. Art & Robert Jervis (eds), International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues (7th ed; Pearson, New York 2005), pp.365-92.

Charles W. Kegley Jr. & Eugene R. Wittkopf, World Politics: Trend & Transformation (9th ed, Thompson -Wadsworth; Belmont 2004), ch.8.

Richard W. Mansbach & Edward Rhodes (eds), Global Politics in a Changing World (3rd ed; Houghton, Boston 2006), ch.15.

Robert O'Brein & Marc Williams, Global Political Economy: Evolution and Dynamics (Palgrave Macmillan; London 2004).
(excellent textbook, especially on the history of capitalism)


Corporate Shenanigans

Naomi Klein, No Logo (Picador; New York 1999).

Thomas Frank, One Market Under God (Doubleday; New York 2000).

Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Robinson; London 2003).

(investigative and critical journalism)

Arianna Huffington, Pigs At The Trough (Crown; New York 2003).

Babara Ehrenreich, Bait and Switch (Granta; London 2006).


Marx on Globalisation

Karl Marx & Frederick Engels, The Communist Manifesto (Verso; London 1998).
(accessible summary in Marx's own words)

Dave Renton (ed), Marx on Globalisation (Lawrence & Wishart; London 2001).
(useful compedium from a range of original sources)

James Petras & Henry Veltmeyer, Globalization Unmasked: Imperialism in the 21 st Century (Zed; London 2001).
(Marxist critique of globalisation)


Additional Websites

Columbia International Affairs Online

A superb online resource. It contains up-to-date data and analyses of international affairs, articles and other documents and links to academic journals and other useful internet sites.

Politics and IR Arena.

Useful links and online resources.

ISA's Directory of Internet Resources

Contains links to various relevant internet sites.

The Global Site

A superb new internet site coming out of Sussex University (UK) that features articles and reviews on numerous IR topics and links to other sites.

International Relations Data Site

A useful site for general information about international relations. For example, it contains data about states, political systems, treaties, conflicts and wars, economic and environmental statistics, etc.

Amnesty International

Contains latest news and reports about the human wrongs committed around the world.

Asia Source

A website run by the Asia Society (which has its Australasian HQ in Melbourne). It contains news and current affairs stories, special reports, and links to other online resources.

Centre for the Study of Globalization and Regionalization (Warwick University)

Contains online versions of their useful Working Papers Series on globalization and links to other useful sites and online resources.

CIA World Factbook

Enormous compedium of information, online

CICC Homepage

Website for the NGO CICC (Campaign for an International Criminal Court). Contains some useful documents and info about the idea of a future permanent ICC. Includes a list of the countries that have signed and ratified the Statute of Rome.


Website of critical political and economic commentary

Crisis Web

Up-to-date info and reports about conflicts and crises around the world.

The English School

A website dedicated to research into the English School; that is, the theory of international society. Contains many useful unpublished articles.

Global Policy Forum

A very useful site for articles related to global public policy. Contains extensive amounts of articles and documents related to the UN, the world economy, human rights, democratic governance, NGOs, etc.

Human Rights Library

University of Minnesota website on human rights. Contains a vast library of documents and materials, links to other sites and a human rights search engine.

Human Rights Watch

Website for one of the most influential and important human rights NGO. Contains useful reports and information about current campaigns.

International Committee of the Red Cross

Homepage for the great humanitarian NGO. Contains info about its activities and much useful material related to international humanitarian law.

International Court of Justice

Useful for info about the Court and about international law in general.

International Monetary Fund

Globally important international organisation

International Political Economy Network

Contains some useful links.


Contains info about the organization and its current political and military affairs.

Oxfam (Community Aid Abroad Australia)

Useful information about current campaigns being run in Australia and abroad.

International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty

An independent report commissioned by the Canadian government in September 2000 to undertake a study of the 'so-called right of humanitarian intervention'. Its report, The Responsibility to Protect, was tabled in late 2001. A comprehensive survey of issues, with several useful links and discussion papers.

The United Nations

UN's official website. Contains vast amount of info about the UN, its functions, its agencies, etc. It also contains masses of documents, memos, speeches etc.

The UN Development Programme

Provides a wealth of information about the UNDP's functions and an online version of its annual Human Development Report which contains very useful statistical info.

Women Watch

UN site dedicated to the empowerment of women. Contains useful info and documents related to women.

World Bank

Contains useful info and data about poverty, and of course about the World Bank's role.


A website dedicated to critical accounts of globalization. Contains useful info about the current state of the world economy, and numerous articles and links to other online resources and activist sites.